An important update from The Nick Smith Foundation

On 20 December 2017, our lives changed forever when Nick died.

The end of this year will mark the five-year anniversary of his death, and we are proud of the legacy The Nick Smith Foundation has built for an amazing man.

Nick will always be a huge part of our lives. No-one will ever forget him and we know you won’t either. But, after much soul searching, we believe the time is approaching to begin the process of moving to the next stage of remembering him – more privately, in our hearts, forever.

That is why we have decided that the five-year anniversary in December 2022 will be the right point to bring our formal charitable activities to a close and to begin the process of finishing our work, with the aim of the 2022/23 accounts and annual report, due 30 April 2023, being our last.

We want the next 12 months to be a celebration of what we have achieved, to raise as much as possible and to keep making a difference confident that what we have done in the years since Nick died has built a legacy that will continue:

Memory & Treasure Boxes which are supporting children and families who have been devastated by a diagnosis of motor neurone disease, taken forward by the MND Association after our investment in developing and building the Boxes.

A permanent MND Care Coordinator for Calderdale & Huddersfield, employed and funded now by the NHS, following our investment in a successful pilot.

More research into MND – discovering why and working out what we can do, by supporting a new study into the link with strenuous physical exercise and investing in equipment that is even now helping investigations into the disease.

Encouraged more young people to take up and love rugby league, by investing in an annual U7s tournament, which we hope will continue for many years to come, and supporting clubs to develop their junior sections.

Everything we have done is thanks to you. Thanks to your runs, treks, walks, swims, climbs and laughs; thanks to your fundraising; thanks to your support.

The money you have raised has made a difference and will continue to make a difference – we are confident of that. We also know what has been introduced, and is making a difference, will continue to make a difference.

We know there are plenty of events and activities planned for 2022 – and we hope they will continue to ensure we can build that legacy even further before our charity comes to a close.

We also know that in 12 months’ time, many of you may want to continue to fundraise in Nick’s name. We hope you do, and we will encourage you to support charities which support our aims and objectives.

Finally, thank you. Running a charity is hard, but it is nothing compared to the pain we feel – and will always feel – that Nick is no longer here, and the fact the work of our charity has built a lasting legacy for him fills us with pride. Nothing we have achieved would have been possible without you.

In one year from now, the Foundation will be drawing its work to a close. But between now and then let’s celebrate an amazing man, remember him, and raise as much as we can to support his lasting legacy.

We are, and always will be, for Smudger. Thank you.

With best wishes

Stephen Naylor
Chair, The Nick Smith Foundation